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Saree styling 101: How to pair jewelry for a head-turning look

Saree is one such outfit that can be both classy and sassy depending on how you style it.

When it comes to pairing jewelry with sarees, the possibilities are endless. The key is to choose pieces that complement the overall look and feel of the saree, rather than overpowering it. If you find it overwhelming, the following pointers are a good way to get started with.

1. Consider the occasion and dress code: Pairing jewelry with a saree should take into account the occasion and the dress code. For formal occasions, opt for subtle and simple pieces. For a casual event, keep your jewelry bold. For parties, let your hair loose and make a statement with your jewelry. During traditional events, pair your sarees with your traditional jewelry to vibe along.

2. Match the metal: Match the metal of the jewelry to the saree.

For example, if the saree has gold detailing or a border, opt for golden jewelry. On the other hand, if the saree has silver embellishments or work, silver or oxidized jewelry can be your go-to option.

3. Consider the saree's color: Choose jewelry that compliments the color of the saree. Before choosing jewelry, decide if you wish to ace the monochrome game or want to go for a contrasting look. For example, if the saree is red, opt for jewelry with emerald green stones accent for a contrasting look. For the same saree, wearing a choker of pearls with a red ruby centerpiece will create an understated monochrome style.

4. Think about the saree's design: If the saree has a lot of bling, detailing, or embroidery, opt for simpler jewelry to avoid overwhelming the overall look. If your saree is too blingy or heavily sequined, think about ditching your necklace altogether to avoid the look getting too overbearing. Instead, opt for longer earrings to set the tone just right.

5. Choose appropriate earrings: Choose earrings that complement the saree. For example, if the saree has a lot of detailing around the neckline, opt for stud earrings to avoid overwhelming the overall look. When going minimal with your neck jewelry for a gorgeous saree, bring out your striking long chandeliers and jhumkas to adorn your ears. On the other hand, if you are sporting a heavy necklace for an understated saree, think of limiting your earrings to elegant studs.

6. Go for a statement necklace: A statement necklace can be a great way to add visual interest to a saree. Choose a necklace that complements the saree's design and color. These necklaces stand out, especially with sarees that have a neutral color palette or a minimalist design.

7. Opt for a bracelet or bangles: A bracelet or bangles can be a great way to add a pop of color to a saree. Think about adding a stack of plain red bangles on that monotone beige saree of yours. Alternatively, if you choose to keep your overall look unassuming, you can pair them with a stack of bracelets. While wearing a traditional saree, opt for traditional bangles to set the look right. While draping a saree with a modern and minimal design, think about pairing it with an elegant bracelet.

8. Add a ring or two: Rings can be a great way to add visual interest to a saree. Choose rings in-line with the saree’s character. You might want to add a chunky ring to add some definition to a subtle saree. On the other hand, an already intense saree needs only subtle rings to go with it.

9. Think about the draping style: The way the saree is draped can affect the jewelry that is worn. For example, if the saree is draped in a traditional style, opt for traditional jewelry. If the saree is draped in an offbeat fashion, go for unconventional or contemporary jewelry.

10. Don't overdo it: Remember, less is more. Avoid overwhelming the overall look by choosing jewelry that complements the saree, rather than overwhelming it. If you are sporting a gorgeous choker, ditch those large chandbaalis and go for simple stud earrings. If you are sporting statement bangles and finger rings, make sure you keep the necklace and earrings extremely easygoing. Always follow the thumb rule – draw attention to one area at a time.

Pairing jewelry with sarees is all about balance and having fun experimenting with different styles and pieces. Remember to consider the color, pattern, neckline, and overall style of the saree, and have fun with it.

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